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healthy living = longevity


Blue Zone’s recipe 

for better living: 

good food

good sleep

good friends

plenty of movement

a sense of purpose

The term “Blue Zone” was coined by National Geographic explorer and author Dan Buettner. Buettner and his team of demographers, scientists and anthropologists, began studying regions of the world where people live the longest: Sardinia, Italy, Okinawa, Japan, Loma Linda, California, Ikaria, Greece, Nicoya, Costa Rica. What they discovered were healthy behaviors that inevitably had an effect on the longevity and vitality of peoples’ lives.

They found common ground among these communities. Simple things that contribute to better health and deeper happiness:

  • MOVEMENT: incorporate movement into daily life by gardening, working the land and spending time outdoors.

  • PLANT-BASED DIET: the top five pillars of the Blue Zones' diets are whole grains, vegetables, greens, beans and tubers, such as sweet potatoes. Reducing meat consumption and eating mindfully are also common among Blue Zone populations.

  • COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT: based on your interests, find community connections with other people. Avoid isolation and loneliness.

  • LIVE WITH PURPOSE: align yourself with people who share your values and inspire you to find and pursue that purpose.

  • RECHARGE BY TAKING A NAP: the most recent science shows that a 20-minute nap can make up for an hour of lost sleep! Consider a cat nap in lieu of caffeine to energize you.

The idea of living a full and flourishing life has captivated me, so I’ve created a program that allows me to share lifestyle enrichment practices with my clients. 


Blu Zone Living is an accessible and realistic model that can be followed to create your own culture of health. Through a series of small steps and habit changes, Blu Zone Living encourages you to make wiser and more health-conscious choices. Living a fuller, healthier life requires dozens of small moves in the direction of wholesomeness. Blu Zone Living lays out practical steps for you. 

Here’s a set of examples you can work into your current or future home to bring about positive change:

  • cleaner air/ air filtration

  • cleaner water/ water filtration

  • natural lighting/ lighter spaces

  • custom pantry stocked with specific healthy fare

  • large, inviting table for gatherings with friends and family

  • outdoor kitchen

We’re about to launch BLU / ZONE / LIVING, a website dedicated to healthier and happier living. Our programs embrace the common practices found in Blue Zone areas across the world. We show you how to take the first steps, and walk you through the more involved steps that will get you “into the zone”.

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